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About Us


Hi! I'm Erica! Graphic designer and lover of all things fashion. Inspired by my mom and grandmother that raised me, I learned that motherhood doesn't mean comprising style. Comfy can totally be cute and stylish.

The idea for my first line of graphic tees was brought to light from this very idea! In 2011 I was a year out of college when I sparked the idea that I take my graphic prints that I did for fun and put them on tee shirts. For years we sold to boutiques and department stores across the country and in Europe, Canada, and even Japan!

Since then I've become a mom of two little girls, 4 and 2. I quit my graphic design day job and I started designing tee shirts again. My goal is to make every woman and girl who wears my pieces feel beautiful. My designs are inspired by every day life and for every woman. Even as a momma I love to style my pieces to feel beautiful as I chase around my own girls - Harper and Lilly.

I hope you find something you love! And when you do, let me know! Please always feel free to reach out with any comments or questions! Your sales mean the world to a small shop like mine!

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